Automatic machine for the hot controlled  branding of ham or similar products: speck, bacon, and so on, with double branding group in the lower part. The versatility of its devices permits to brand the product (on the back side) with one or more symbols, on a desired point, to be seen in the future. Their interchangeability  helps a quick changing also during the productive cycle. The machine adapts itself to the needs of every company personalizing types of brands and inscriptions, used both in the receiving phase (fresh product) and in the delivery phase ( matured product). Linked to the sorting machine with branding in the end of the product, it permits to obtain a more qualitative product.

- In conformity with the healthy and accident prevention measures CE
- Stainless steel 18/8 structure on regulating feet or wheels
- Electro-pneumatic working
- Stainless steel AISI 304 table-top conveyer chain
- Interception product photocell
- Lower double branding head device with pendular system to raise the productivity. The system can be moved automatically or separately. Heating of low voltage electric stamps
- Stainless steel heating hot plate surface max 134x134
- Electric panel with controls to regulate the temperature and the cycle



- Pneumatic device for blocking the  product during the branding
- Dimensions: 1400x1000x h.1750
- Electric power : kw 3
- Air consumption: 110lt/min. 5 bar
- Production: about  700/900 pcs/h
- Weight: about kg.500
- Complete with stamps with inscription at your will 


Branding and sorting machines