Automatic machine for imprinting with one or more positions, before the packing of boned ham or similar products, with dies of shapes and dimensions at customer will. The quickness in changing the pieces, makes the machine flexible for the positioning of special dies groups and interchangeable  pieces that can produce an horizontal pressing.
The introduction of this system makes its use universal obtaining in the productive phase, the imprinting of traditional and parallelepiped (so called "tile") shape products, perfect for the slicing up. The PLC at the machine edge runs and controls the different movements, included the double safety barrier that makes it sure also for not necessary qualified staff.

- In conformity with healthy and accident prevention measures CE
- Stainless steel c45 structure on regulating feet
- External stainless steel cover
- Electric/hydraulic working
- Airtight seal AISI 304 worktop
- Electric panel with PLC for the running and the control of the functions and the types of horizontal and vertical imprinting with regulation timers
- Safety system with intrinsic photocells classification "4"



- Airtight seal tactile control buttons
- Oil-pressure device approved for high pressure with cooling
- Regulating pressure
- Dimensions: 16800x1250xh.2340 (2AU)
- Electric power : kw 9 (2AU)
- Production: 60pcs/h (2AU)
- Weight : about kg. 3000 (2AU)